10 Weight Loss Apps To Help You Lose The Junk In Your Trunk

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Are you ready to get serious about getting fit?

Are you tired of feeling fatigued and want to start feeling better about your physical appearance? It might be time to add a mobile app or two to your digital device to help you kickstart your physical fitness and weight loss goals.

There are numerous weight loss apps you can consider. From apps that help you monitor your caloric intake to apps that help you track your calories burned, the options are many for individuals hoping to lose weight. Following are ten Android weight loss apps that just might be all the motivation you need.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

10 Weight Loss Google Apps

Available from Noom, this app lets you enjoy daily personal coaching with recommendations on food choices, workout tracking, and motivational reminders. This app has even been featured as one of Dr. Oz’s favorite fitness apps.

(check Noom on google play)


Lose It! - screenshot

Lose It

Available from Fit Now, this app offers features like calorie tracking, personalized fitness plans, and recipe building. This app accesses an extensive food database that includes both home cooked and restaurant meals.

(check loseit on google play)


Diet Point – Weight Loss

Available from Diet Point, this Android app offers options like weight tracking, body mass index tracking, shopping list integrations, and customized meal planning.

(check diet point on google play)


Restaurant Weight Loss

Available from Ellis Apps, this mobile app is directed at consumers who regularly consume their meals away from home. Data available via this app includes calorie counts, carbohydrate counts, and portion sizing information for a wide range of restaurants. From fast food to fine dining, the database available via this app is extensive. While some data available via this app might be slightly outdated, the overall basic information provided makes this app worth the price of a download.

(check Restaurant Weight Loss on google play)


Diet Assistant Pro – Weight Loss

Available from Alportela Labs, this app features customized meal creation recommendations, body mass index tracking, shopping list planning, and nutritional recommendations.

(check Diet Assistant Pro on google play)


Weight Loss Tracker Pro

Available from Mathew Wood, this mobile app lets you track a variety of data inputs including daily energy expenditures, body fat index, and your height to weight ratio. You can track your workout routine specifics with this app, including upper body exercises, lower body exercises, and cardio workout achievements.

(check Weight Loss Tracker Pro on google play)


Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Manager - screenshot

Weigh-In De Luxe

Available from Wil Corp Software, the Weigh-In De Luxe app lets you track your body measurements, your body fat index, and your body mass index. You can calculate your ideal weight with this app and track your progress in both data and graph format.

(check Weigh-In De Luxe on google play)


Weight Meter Ideal Weight

Available from Cryofy, this app lets you track the weight loss progress of multiple individuals, configure your data in multiple formats including pounds and kilograms, and analyze progress to date in both spreadsheet and graph format.

(check Weight Meter Ideal on google play)


My Diet Coach II

Available from Inspired Apps, the My Diet Coach II app offers features like weight loss plateau recommendations, food craving alternatives, and diet journal affirmations.

(check My Diet Coach II on google play)


Fast Food Nutrition and Weight Loss

Available from Awesome App Center, this app offers nutritional information on the foods available from a wide variety of fast food restaurants. With data on over 300 restaurants available via this app, chances are pretty good that you will never have to wonder what to order at your favourite drive through window again.

(check Fast Food Nutrition and Weight Loss on google play)


Which of these mobile weight loss apps will you be adding to your Android device? Which of these apps do you see yourself continuing to use even after you have lost weight?

By Craig Timmins

Thanks to Craig from the price comparison site sellcell.com for providing us with this article for publishing. Craig enjoys researching different types of apps for Android and iOS phones.


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