12 Easy Tips To Maintain A Perfect Shape

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12 Kick-Ass Strategies To Help You Maintain Your Weight !

If you're reading this you probably lost weight this is quite an achievement. Congratulations !! Now a difficult period is ahead of you : maintaining your new weight in long term. Our monthly fitness challenge helped you lose the right amount of body fat. You are now faced a new challenge, to keep up your new healthy habits, which will allow you to maintain your healthy weight. Also, take a look at the diet tips section of this website for more useful information.

Here's a few advice to achieve it :

1. Always keep healthy food in the fridge and in the meat safe

This way you will be always be able to prepare a healthy meal at any time of the day. Doing healthy groceries is key to maintain self habits, this will help you to eat healthy.

2. Keep the right Macro-nutrient (food groups) proportions

If you've been following the Metabolic Cooking meal plan for a while, you know what portions of meat, fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates you should eat and when to eat it in order to raise your metabolism and maintain your new weight. You don't even need to count anymore because the having the right portion of proteins, fat and carbohydrates became an automatism. If you know you'll be going to an Italian restaurant, as an example, and that you will eat pizza or pasta, keep your carbohydrates for that moment. Opt for a nice chicken salad for lunch to avoid eating more carbohydrates than you should.

3. Treat yourself with moderation


You don't have to keep yourself from sharing a birthday cake or skip a drink with your best friends just because you're watching your weight. You just have to control your portions with high caloric foods. Take two or three bites instead of 10 as an example,  or just take a small piece of cake.

4. Apply the 80/20 rule

According to this rule, 80% of the time you will follow a balanced diet, and 20% of the time you can allow yourself some extras (with moderation of course!). These extras could be a pastry at Starbucks on Sunday (I can't resist the lemon bread), a drink with your friends on Saturday on a french fry on Friday. Everyone has different tastes and a different way to spoil themselves, and if most of the menus are balances there is no problem with that. A lot of people maintain their weight by eating healthy during the week and being more permissive during the week-end.

5. Develop an healthy relation with foods

It's hard to maintain your weight if you are eating in compulsive manner, beyond your real hunger. If you can't control yourself and you suffer from compulsive eating, a psychologist will know how to help you recenter yourself on your real hunger and to stabilize your weight.

6. Rediscover the hunger sensation

Some people lost it, not knowing how to assess their level of hunger and satiety. Take the time to listen to your body : are you hungry for a big bowl of pasta tonight or for a salad? Both are possible, the needs of your body vary according to your daily activities. If you are very hungry, don't be embarrassed to eat more, even if you're watching your weight. If you are listening to our hunger and satiety signals, your weight regulates automatically.

7. Learn how to savor

Swallowing food rather than savor it leads to overweight. Rediscover the flavor of foods, learn how to appreciate it. The first bytes are always the best ones, you should hesitate to leave the extra food in the plate if you are feeling satiated.

8. Eat slowly

Simply because it takes 20 minutes to send  the signal to the brain that we had enough food. Take the time to put your fork down, drink some water and chew well because digestion starts in the mouth.

9. Avoid distraction during meals

When people are listening to television or reading the newspaper, they often eat over their real hunger. Meal time is a privileged moment, focus on the pleasure it gives you and share it with people that are important to you.

10. Don't leave tempting foods in your sight

Studies proved it, if we have a plate of candies in front of us, we will eat more than if they are tidy. A transparent plate will encourage us even more to overconsumption. Following the same idea, we shouldn't leave foods that we have a hard time to resist in front of us (chips, cookies and others). We can either avoid buying "trigger foods" or hide them so they are not visible.

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11. Stop eating in the evening

A lot of our extra calories come from evening snacks in front of the TV. A little trick : brush your teeth right after diner. You'll be less tempted to eat in the evening. Only people doing a physical activity in the evening should eat when they return from their workout. In other cases, wait until breakfast the next day.

12. Look for support

Either it's your partner, your colleagues, your friends, your family, everybody should help you maintain your new healthy habits. Surround yourself with key people that will help you to stay focused. Your family shouldn't force food on you, no thanks means no thanks.


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Fitness passionate, civil engineer and now blogger. After losing 45 pounds in a year and maintaining for a few years, I decided to create my website to share my nutrition tips and workouts to help other people achieve their fitness goals and maintain it.

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