12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Healthier, Stronger & Whiter

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12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Healthier, Stronger & Whiter

Everyone wants healthy teeth don’t they? Having that classic full white smile has always been something to desire and with modern health technology it is within the reach of everyone to have a dazzling smile and a healthy mouth.

Of course oral health is about more than just aesthetics, looking after your teeth and your mouth goes hand in hand with living a healthy lifestyle; so if you care about your health and your teeth, here are 12 things that you can do to keep them shiny and white :

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is the worst thing for your teeth, but I’m sure you know that already. Of course some people under-estimate how bad it is. If you eat a lot of sugary foods you are damaging your health and your teeth – simple.


Chew Gum

Those adverts are actually correct; chewing produces saliva which breaks down sugar and other harmful things. It doesn’t have to be gum, in fact just trying to chew your food more thoroughly will help, plus it’s better for your digestive health too!

Don’t Drink Soda

A standard soda can contains about as much sugar as two Cream Eggs and more calories than a chocolate bar. Not good for your teeth or your waist line.

Drink Water

Firstly, it’s better than anything else you might drink in terms of your teeth and your health and secondly it is a great way to wash whatever you just ate off of your teeth – washing away potentially harmful sugars and acids.

Be Careful With Fruit

Fruit is very good for you, but only in moderation. Fruit also contains a lot of sugar; which is natural and hence better than sweets and chocolate, but can still harm your teeth. Be particularly weary of acidic fruits like lemons and oranges.

Go To The Dentist

Even if you don’t think you need to and no matter how good your oral hygiene is. Some problems can be outside of your control and if you go to the dentist regularly you are more likely to catch things like gum disease early while they are still treatable.

12 Ways To Make Your Teeth Healthier, Stronger & Whiter

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Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad for all sorts of reasons, staining and damaging your teeth is just another one to add to the list, but hey, if you’ve not stopped smoking yet, you’ve got bigger issues.

Brush Your Teeth Well

Most people don’t brush well enough. Remember that your teeth are full of microscopic canyons where food can get stuck. Spend at least 3 minutes brushing and be thorough. Using mouthwash and flossing is a good idea too.

But Not Too Well

Don’t brush too hard though! It is possible to damage your teeth and your gums if you overdo it. So be gentle, don’t make your gums bleed and don’t scrub your teeth like you would scrub the oven.

Eat Healthily

This goes without saying really (I hope) but eating healthily and eating lots of veggies and a bit of fruit is the best way to keep yourself in good health and that goes for your teeth and gums too.

Drink Milk

Or eat cheese and yoghurt – they are all full of calcium which is an essential building block for bones and teeth. Lots of calcium means stronger teeth, so that they don’t decay as easily.

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee are acidic and if you drink too much this can weaken your tooth enamel. They also have a strong coloring and can stain your teeth and if you drink them with sugar then you are damaging your health at the same time!

The best advice when it comes to the health of your teeth or the rest of your body is to do things in moderation and be aware of your vices. Enjoy a soda every now and then, but try to drink some water afterwards and don’t overdo it. Get plenty of exercise and eat your veggies and you will feel better for it!


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Author: Sarah Walters

This post was written by Sarah Walters. Sarah is a health and nutrition expert who works for Freedom Health. Sarah loves to read and write about health and has a passion for helping people to live healthier and longer lives.

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