20 Minute Inclined Treadmill Hiit Workout

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Why are inclined treadmill hiit workouts effective?

Did you know that walking on the treadmill at full inclination burns 60% more calories than walking at the same speed on a flat treadmill? This means that walking at 4 MPH on an fully inclined treadmill burns as much calories as jogging on a flat treadmill at 7 MPH. For a 150 pounds person, walking at 4 MPH for an hour would burn 806 calories. Another reason why you might like to workout on the inclined treadmill is that it tones your booty and the back of your legs at the same time as you burn calories !


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20 minute inclined treadmill hiit workout

 This workout will burn about 230 calories

How To Customize the "20 Minute Inclined Treadmill Hiit Workout" For Your Needs

Since everybody has a different cardio level, this workout can and should be customized for your needs.

Here's how you should adjust this treadmill workout :

1. Warm-Up for 3 minutes increasing the intensity every minute.

2. For 15 minutes, you will alternate between 60 seconds at High Intensity (80% of your maximum effort) and 60 seconds at Low Intensity (30% of your maximum effort).

3. Cool down at 30% of your max effort for 2 minutes.

Extra customization :

  • If your treadmill doesn't go all the way up to 15 degrees, feel free to use 10 and adjust the speed accordingly.
  • You can make this workout easier or harder by holding or leaving the bar when you feel tired or more energized.
  • You can change the High Intensity / Low Intensity ratio to make it easier or harder. This is using a 1:1 ratio but you could make it easier by using a 1:2 ratio (10X - 30 second HIGH 60 seconds LOW) or harder by using a 2:1 ratio (10X - 60 seconds HIGH  30 seconds LOW)
  • Since some treadmills take longer than others to switch speed, some people like to totally jump off for the Low Intensity period by putting their feet on the sides, but this has certain risks.
  • I decided to keep the same inclination for most of the workout since most treadmills take too long to change inclination for a HIIT Workout like this one.

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