7 Diet Foods That Melt Fat Away Immediately

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7 Diet Foods That Melt Fat Away Immediately

Because of our pursuit to look and feel healthier, people these days spend a lot of time in finding foods that will fit their diet. And since the majority of the populations are convinced that being slim and fit is more synonymous with being healthy, Diet foods that could melt body fat quickly are in high demand.

The golden rule to follow when a person is seeking to shed extra fat is to burn more calories than he or she consumes.Therefore, in order to become a real calorie counter; you’ll want to stick with a food that fits your purpose. The first thing you have to realize is that not all calories are created equal. You’ll get the best value in foods that have less calories but are more filling at the same time.Foods that has this feature tends to fill your hunger in fewer munches.


Forget about processed foods that are promoted for weight reduction, why not get back to the old-fashion kind.Surely you’ve felt how heavy eating oatmeal can be. Not only that, it is also packed with fiber, which facilitates the entire process of digestion. When its taste gets dull, you can experiment with fruits and low-fat milk adding different flavors. It’s best to start your day by eating oats that will last you until lunch. Doing this routine daily will surely trim your weight down fast.

Sweet Potatoes

Using sweet potatoes as substitute to white tomatoes gets rid of high quantities of starch and high fat additions it’s usually served with. Another benefit of inserting sweet potatoes in your diet is its flexibility. So many recipes can turn sweet potatoes into weight reduction meals.


It is probably the most popular low-calorie meal. Which is why salads seem like they aren't complete without lettuce. Other than its very filling because it’s loaded with fiber, lettuce also has healthy substances like vitamin C, potassium and folate.


Add mushrooms to your meat dishes so you’d have that fullness feeling faster. “Fool” your tummy with mushrooms since its taste and texture often complements well with meat. In fact, some kinds like Portobello mushrooms, especially those extra large ones cold even replace your burger patties and you could hardly notice the difference.

Whole grain bread

It is more nutritious than your regular white bread yet are also more satisfying. You’ll end up helping yourself to less sandwiches when you choose whole grain bread instead.

Peanut butter

Since we've begun talking about sandwiches, peanut butter makes for a perfect spread to whole grain bread. It only has 35 calories per teaspoon and its fullness factor can add to an already satisfying meal.

Brown rice

When you’re trying to list down where the carbohydrates in your diet will come from,

brown rice is a splendid choice. Its texture and fiber content makes you chew it longer,

which in turn makes you feel full faster.


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Author: Rod Devreese

Rod Devreese is a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an author for Ratingdietplans.com. His research and writing focus mainly on fitness and effective diet plans.

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  1. I have an allergy to anything with iodine or sulfer in it. All food with these minerals cause minimum to severe anaphylaxis and signs of lupus. What shall I eat.? I am also diabetic for 1 year, Type 2. Wheat grass, some nuts, raw veggies or lightly steamed also close my throat. I am trying to loose weight and all I seem to be able to eat with no reaction is chicken and meat. Potatoes, rice and other carbs spike my sugar. I eat fruit when blood sugar is low. Short walks help but difficult for me due to physical limitations.HELP ME!!!!!

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