7 Diet Secrets of the Stars

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At some moment of your life you must have fallen to the charms of the celebrities as they look fabulous. They fascinate us in their television shows or films and make us watch and admire while strolling down the red carpet during premieres and fashion shows. They never stop to influence us with their larger than life image and become part of our wildest dreams and fantasies. But have you ever realized that how much efforts they do to look fabulous. Being the celebrity, they can hardly afford to take any chances of being slack in matters of physical appearance as their career might also depend on looking glamorous. So, besides makeup, hair and clothes, the celebrities have to maintain that sleek and perfect Hollywood figure as well.


The lifestyle and body parameters of various celebrities are different and so the stars have their own secrets of retaining everlasting beauty and fitness. Some of them prefer extreme workouts while others concentrate on well-planned diets. I think you must be getting curious to know the ultimate secrets of staying fabulous and sexy. Well, we have seven women celebrities on our radar, and this article is, in fact, going to reveal their diet secrets.


1. Jennifer Aniston: Our first celebrity is Jennifer Aniston, who is known for her sexy body in Hollywood and countless magazines honoured her on their cover page. She became very popular for her television show and audiences just felt enthralled with her adorable comic sense and hair style. Jennifer’s secret diet plan for staying slim and trim can be explained with her  40:30:30 diet ratios. Her diet includes:

  • 40 percent Low glycemic carbohydrates: The foods such as beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables contain low glycemic carbohydrates.
  • 30 percent lean proteins: The lean proteins are found in foods such as low-fat dairy products, tofu, chicken, turkey, fish and beef.
  • 30 percent essential fats: The sources of essential fats include fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil, etc.

You must include sufficient macro nutrients in your meal for maximum weight loss and balanced hormones.



2. Kate Hudson: the sexy and glamorous daughter of actress Goldie Hawn needed to quickly shed 60 pounds gained during her pregnancy to look fabulous in her next film. She shifted to a higher protein diet and started taking smaller yet higher protein meals.  She combined her diet plan with an intensive exercise program involving weight training and Cardio, particularly treadmill workouts. She never cared for the criticism related to her post pregnancy look and successfully burned off her excess body fats within a short span of four months to gain such a flat belly that she became the instant envy of many women in the Hollywood circles.


3. Oprah Winfrey: The extremely popular host of one of the most successful talk shows of the world, Oprah Winfrey has recently been constantly struggling to reduce her body weight. She needed to regain her physical appearance for millions of her fans. Surprisingly, she successfully reshaped her body and looked younger even in her 50s. Her success lies in a perfect combination of a diet plan with the regular exercise regime. Oprah exercised five days a week doing free weights and sweating on her treadmill with high intensity interval training for 30 minutes. Her diet plan included fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, chicken and low-fat dairy products. She consumed very limited amounts of flour and white sugar. She developed a habit of not eating after seven in the evening, and she specifically gives credit to this habit for retaining her slim figure.


4. Gwyneth Paltrow: You might be surprised to know that this perpetually slim figured actress really needs a well-planned  diet. The eating patterns of the academy award winner Gwyneth resemble to that of Oprah Winfrey, and she also avoids white flour and sugar. Her diet plan can be best described as macrobiotic diet consisting of vegetables, brown rice, lean meat, etc. She also removed dairy products from her diet but included yoga in her daily schedule.


5. Madonna: The pop star Madonna, known as the Material Girl, has ruled the world over decades as the true icon of beauty and fitness, flaunting her body that can be worth dying for. She maintained her stunning beauty and slim-trim figure by following a very strict diet plan that completely avoided junk foods and included Ashtanga Yoga. Her diet also consisted of macrobiotic eating, mainly organic foods with high amounts of lean protein.


6. Claudia Schiffer: The diet of fabulous German supermodel consists of only fruits before the afternoon, and she takes salad and steamed vegetables for dinner.  She preferred black grapes, tomato juice and herbal tea on her shooting locations.


7. Christie Brinkley: The long-time  supermodel Christie retained her stunning American looks by completely taking vegetarian diet. The junk foods have no place in her house to ensure that she doesn’t fall prey to her cravings for any of them. She prefers sweet potato snacks to candy bars and mostly takes liquid juice for quick slimming.


You need to understand that the celebrities with their perfect figures are just like the ordinary people, and anybody can get the perfect and shining body worthy of red carpets by following a good diet plan and exercise schedule. The celebrities are rather more pressurized to maintain their perfect figures because their fans expect them to remain beautiful and sexy.

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