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After gaining a lot of weight in university, I decided it was time to get fit! By eating  and training right, I lost 45 pounds in a year (that was in 2010) and I can say it totally changed my life! The way I feel about myself, my energy level, the way I interact with other people…

I’m now ready for the next level! I train hard everyday (sometimes twice a day) with my partner who’s getting ready for his fitness competition and I love it. Every workout has to be fun and effective. We also choose carefully everything we eat and follow the latest nutritional trends advised by our nutritionist and the bodybuilding community.

Fitness for me is now a way of life : eating good, sleeping well, getting stronger and seeing my body improve everyday is empowering…

I’m not pretending to be an expert, but as a civil engineer, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to valid information. It’s also part of my personality when I learn something amazing, I HAVE to share it!

I also love learning from others, so PLEASE don’t hesitate to comment my posts, ask questions, share your tricks, recipes and your progress. I  love your comments! 🙂

Nothing makes me more happy than being part of a community where we motivate each other to get fit and be the best version of ourselves!

Thank you for following me in my fitness journey!

Lots of love!

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6106_10152418996515262_1655297389_nI’ve been passionate about fitness for about 15 years now. I can’t hold myself from hitting the gym at 6 in the morning and when I get back I’ll be reading about nutrition, training techniques and what I could do on my next workout (I that much of an addict…). The better I look, the better I feel. I think everything starts with a good diet. For the last year I’ve been using the Ketogenic Diet to cut and, even if it’s restrictive, I’ve seen some great results, specially that I don’t have to be hungry anymore. When I am not trying to cut down I enjoy a more clean eating, moderate-low carbs diet. I even try to be Paleo most of the time but cheese is my weak point. Being an artist (magidsonart.com) and an ex cook in a restaurant, I love being creative and coming with new recipes all year long. I firmly believe that anyone on this planet can get ripped, can get abs and can get to low body fat with the right technique and if they work hard enough and I’m here to prove it to you!

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