Best Supplements Awards – Olympia 2013

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The Best Supplements Awards 2013 Was Held September 27-28th at the Olympia Event

The Best Supplements Awards takes Place every year At the Olympia, an international bodybuilding competition held by the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB). Joe Weider created the contest to enable the Mr. Universe winners to continue competing and to earn money. The first Mr. Olympia was held on September 18, 1965 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City.

This year's nominees were chosen based on the best sellers online in each award category. When people purchased a product, they were "voting" with their wallets for that product. Supplement Award Winners were chosen by votes from the general public.

Winners of the September Giveaway

Congrats to our 2 winners of the September Fitness Challenge Giveaway!

Jody Smith you win the Gymboss and Maya Becker - Metabolic Cooking!

Winners Of The Supplements Awards 2013


Brand of the Year

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum has a ton of products that have been used for years with great results. You can trust them to keep coming out with reliable products for years!

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Breakout Supplement of the Year

Cellucor: COR-Performance Whey

Amazing Flavors! Fast Acting Protein Isolates!
25G Of Protein To Satisfy Protein Needs Any Time Of The Day!

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Best Packaging of the Year


MusclePharm is dedicated to bringing its customers the most advanced supplement line ever developed.

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Breakout Brand of the Year


Beast's high-quality, multi-purpose supplements enable athletes to achieve their fitness goals more economically.

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Best Overall Protein Powder & Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Gold Standard Whey

With Fast-Acting Whey Protein Isolates!*
25G Of Protein To Satisfy Protein Needs Any Time Of The Day!

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Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year

Cellucor: C4 Extreme

Pre-Workout With NO3!
Explosive Workouts!

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Recovery Supplement of the Year &
Amino Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: AMINO1

The Athletes' Cocktail!
Revolutionary Sports Performance Muscle Recovery & Hydration Drink!*

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Creatine Supplement of the Year

BSN: CellMass 2.0

Advanced Strength!
Concentrated Post-Workout Recovery!*

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During-Workout Supplement of the Year

Gaspari Nutrition: SizeON Maximum Performance

With Outlast Carbohydrate Matrix!
Hybrid Intra-Workout Whey Hydrolysate Creatine Formula!

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Energy & Endurance Supplement of the Year

BSN: Nitrix 2.0

Promote Nitrix Oxide Production!*
Help Improve Muscle Fullness, Vascularity and Pumps!*

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Multi-Vitamin Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Opti-Men

More Than A Multi!
Multi-Vitamin and Mineral for Men!

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Fat Loss Supplement of the Year

MuscleTech: Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Supports Weight Loss & Extreme Energy!*

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Women's Product of the Year

Optimum: Opti-Women

More Than A Multi!
Women's Formula For Optimum Health!*

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Men's Support Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: Battle Fuel XT

Get Jacked Fast!*
Advanced 4 Stage Testosterone System!*

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Isolate Protein of the Year

Dymatize: ISO-100

100% Whey Isolate!
High Quality & Amazing Taste!

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Protein Bar of the Year

MET: Rx: Big 100 Colossal Bars

Meal Replacement Bar!
Crunchy And Nutty Bar For Adding Extra Fuel To Growing Muscles!*

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Casein Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Gold Standard 100% Casein

Slow Protein Digestion!
Low Carb Slow Digesting, Anti Catabolic Miceller Protein With Glutamine!*

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Weight Gainer Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Serious Mass

Weight Gainer!
50 Grams Of Protein With Glutamine And Creatine Plus 1,250 Calories!

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RTD Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: MuscleGel Shot

Build Lean Muscle, Fuel Fat Loss & Recover Faster!*

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Glutamine Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: Glutamine

Provides Optimal Muscle-Tissue Saturation!*
Supports Rebuilding and Recovery From The Toughest Workouts!*

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Joint Health of the Year

Universal Nutrition: Animal Flex

The Complete Joint Support Stack!*
Rock Solid!

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Clothing Brand of the Year

MusclePharm Sportswear

MusclePharm Sportswear's quality fabrics and fresh styles outperform the competition - in and out of the gym.

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Accessory Brand of the Year

Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle is a convenient way to mix, pour and store in one container.

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Tanning Product of the Year

Dream Tan: Dream Tan

For Instant Skin Color!
For Instant Skin Color!

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