The Boob Booster Workout – Best Breast Lifting Exercises

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Ready For A Natural Breast-Lifting Workout?!

Thanks to the push-up bras, even girls with a small chest can fake a generous figure. But the effect is gone as soon as you take it off. So this home workout is for all of you who are looking for a longer-lasting effect.

Just know that there is no quick fix for getting a bigger breast and these magic pills people are trying to sell you to make your chest grow bigger are a bit of a scam.

This free gym workout is made of 4 supersets to grow your chest muscles. Once you grow your chest muscles, your breasts will sit on it and make your breasts look perkier and better! So put your gyms clothes on and get ready to hit the gym!

What is a superset?

A superset is performed when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping. The advantages of doing supersets is that first : you will finish you workout way faster; you will keep your hearth rate up and burn more fat and you will also boost your metabolism which will help you burn more calories for the whole day!


boob booster

Do 3 Sets Of 15 Reps For Each Superset :


For each superset, you will switch between the exercise A and exercise B until the 3 sets are completed.

This workout should be done in a gym or a fitness center and should last about 45 minutes


A. Inclined Dumbbell Press

B. Push-Ups


A. Barbell Bench Press

B. Push-Ups With Feet On Exercise Ball


A. Chest crossover

B. Butterfly Machine


A. Dumbbell Bench Press

B. Inclined Push-Ups


Grab my free workout logs : HERE fitness logs3


Exercises Instructions :


1-A) Inclined Dumbbell Press

1-B) Push-Ups

2-A) Barbell Bench Press

2-B) Shoulder Feet On Exercise Ball

3-A) Chest crossover

3-B) Butterfly Machine

4-A) Dumbbell Bench Press

4-B) Inclined Push-Ups

 This workout is part of the November Fitness Challenge


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