Cellulite Eraser Workout (Thighs, Glutes & Calves)

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The Anti-Cellulite Workout

Get The Perfect Lean And Toned Legs with this strength training lower-body workout. It will tone your thighs and butt like never before and you'll see a great cellulite reduction! If you follow this program twice a week with a nutrition plan (read How Do I Count  My Calories To Shred Fat) and my articles about the Ketogenic Diet, you will see visible changes on your legs within 2 weeks.


Keep in mind that each pound of muscle you have will burn 70 calories/day at rest!

The muscles you'll be working are your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, hip abductors (outer thighs) and hip adductors (inner tighs).

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The Cellulite Eraser Workout :

(print it or save it on your phone)

 printable workout routine cellulite Eraser Workout

You will be performing 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of each of the following exercises. It should be challenging and you should try to lift as heavy as you can each time you do this in order to keep improving yourself.

This workout should last about 75 minutes.

If the machines are available at your gym, you can perform each muscle group as superset.

The other way is to take a 30 second to 1 minute break between each set.



Quadriceps : 

-Leg press

-Lunges with barbell (right leg)

-Lunges with barbell (left leg)

-Leg extensions

-Full squat


Hamstrings/Glutes :

-Lying leg curl

-Straight leg deadlift

-Barbel Glute Bridge


Calves :

-Standing calves raises


Adductors/Abductors :

-Cable hip abduction

-Cable hip adduction


Finish with 16 minutes of Inclined Uphill Treadmill. Set your GYMBOSS to 8 intervals of 90 sec/30 sec, position the treadmill at an angle of 15 degrees and walk for 90 seconds, sprint for 30 seconds.

 This workout is part of the New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge


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Author: Myriam

Fitness passionate, civil engineer and now blogger. After losing 45 pounds in a year and maintaining for a few years, I decided to create my website to share my nutrition tips and workouts to help other people achieve their fitness goals and maintain it.

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  1. Hi i saw your web page and it’s so interesting, but i’m from colombia and I don’t understand some exercises could you upload videos like examples I would like to take the challenge and work my body to feel ok. Thanks.

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    • Thanks a lot for following! 🙂
      I think all the exercises from the MDS workouts come with detailed explanations. Which exercises do you need help with?

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    • This workout works best when done 2 to 3 times per week. Always allow yourself 48 hours of rest for a specific muscle group.

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  2. Myrium, are these performed in Supersets, any rest times?

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    • You can perform them as supersets if the machines are available at your gym or take a 30 seconds-1 minute break between the sets 🙂

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      • Thanks, luv…sorry I spelled your name wrong 🙁 And great work on this site. WootWoot… I’m loving the workouts and how you mix it up! Not boring at all!!!

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