Isometric Burn Circuit Workout

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Why Are Isometric Exercises Effective?

Isometric exercises are amazing because they can be done with minimal equipment or no equipment at all, you can even do them in front of your television! Isometrics are a type of strength training that will help build muscles, they are done in static positions, meaning that the joint angle and muscle length do not move during contraction (as opposed to dynamic and isotonic exercises).

Isometrics exercises are widely used to trigger muscle growth. As you might already know, doing a high number of contractions will increases your strength, while holding contractions longer increases muscle mass.

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 This workout will burn about 200 calories

Fun Fact :

Isometrics were first researched by the NASA to prevent muscle atrophy experienced by astronauts in absence of gravity. Muscle atrophy would mostly affect quadriceps, calf, back and neck muscles.


Isometric Burn Circuit Workout Breakdown

Isometric Workout Instructions

  • This circuit workout lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Since this is an isometric workout, a warm up is not required.
  • You will hold each pose for 60 seconds before moving to the next.
  • When you are done with all the 10 exercises, repeat 2 other times for a total of 3 times.

Isometric Burn Circuit Workout * Video Instructions *

1. Plank With Leg Lift (Left Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

If this exercise is too hard, replace with regular plank. If you want to make this even more challenging, do a plank with leg AND arm lift.

2. Isometric Lateral Raise

Adjust the difficulty but using lighter or heavier weight. You can also do this without any weights.

3. Plank With Leg Lift (Right Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

** Same as 1. **

4. Single Leg Wall Squat (Left Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

If this is too hard, you can cross the other leg over your knee or do a regular wall squat. To make it even more challenging you could use weights around your ankles.

5. Single Leg Wall Squat (Right Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

** Same as 4. **

6. Side Plank (Left Side) * Hold 60 seconds *

7. Side Plank (Right Side) * Hold 60 seconds *

** Same as 6. **

8. Single Leg Hip Bridge (Left Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

9. Single Leg Hip Bridge (Right Leg) * Hold 60 seconds *

** Same as 8. **

10. Static Squat * Hold 60 seconds *

How To Customize the "Isometric Circuit Workout" For Your Needs

Since everybody has a different fitness level, this workout can and should be customized for your needs.

1. It is suggested to do 3 rounds of this circuit, but you could also do 2 rounds, 4 rounds or even just one.

2. It is suggested to hold the pose for 60 seconds, but you could start with 30 seconds or 45 seconds and work your way up to 2 minutes.

3. Feel free to do an easier or harder version of the exercises prescribed bellow.


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