Kiss My Booty! 10 minute butt workout

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The butt is the first thing that most guys notice on a girl! They wont all tell you, but trust my 29 years of experience, being an engineer working on a construction site on top of it, and being with guys 24/7... They look at it! This Quick Hiit Workout will shape your booty. So this is a home workout specifically for women (I mean, guys are still welcome...). So the only thing you'll need for this one is dumbbells. If you're a bit short on time but still want a quick EFFECTIVE butt booster, this one's for you! It's only 10 minutes but it will BURN!


kiss my booty printable workout


Do Max Rep Of Each Exercise For 50 seconds :


Take a break of 10 sec between each exercise or more if needed

This workout can be done at home (Grab a pair of dumbbells)

Set your interval timer for 10 rounds of 50 sec / 10 sec

1. Tuck Jumps

2. Modified Side Plank with Leg LIft (Right Leg)

3. Modified Side Plank with Leg LIft (Left Leg)

4. Wood chops

5. hip circles (Right Leg)

6. hip circles (Left Leg)

7. Single Leg Squat To Jump (Right Leg)

8. Single Leg Squat To Jump (Left Leg)

9. Push Away Balance (Right Leg)

10. Push Away Balance (Left Leg)


Grab my free workout logs : HERE fitness logs3


Get the Gymboss to time your workouts with intervals




Exercises Instructions :


1. Tuck Jumps

2. and 3. Modified Side Plank with Leg LIft

4. Wood Chops

5. and 6. Hip Circles

7. and 8. Single Leg Squat To Jump

9. and 10. Push Away Balance


 This workout is part of the New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenge


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Author: Myriam

Fitness passionate, civil engineer and now blogger. After losing 45 pounds in a year and maintaining for a few years, I decided to create my website to share my nutrition tips and workouts to help other people achieve their fitness goals and maintain it.

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  1. Great workout! I’m already feeling it. Love the fact that I can do this at home.

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