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15 Low Carb Fast Food Options

The key to success on any diet is to prepare in your food advance. But hey, it even happens to the best of us to have to stop by a fast food restaurant! We get into some crazy schedule, running between two appointments, staying late at work or being on the road and we have no time to cook. Don't panic yet! You can still stick to your low carb plan as I have some options to help you make the best choice for your situation.

Avoid processed food if you can

low carb fast food optionsOk so that's no a secret for anyone, processed food is bad for you. In fact, your body stores chemicals in fat and will only use it as its last option. My favorite thing to do if I don't feel like cooking is too grab a rotisserie chicken at any supermarket. They're usually around 5-10$ and some grocery stores even offer organic chicken. If you are on a really low carb diet like the Atkins Diet or following a Ketogenic Diet Menu, you can eat the chicken on a baby spinach salad with half an avocado and a low carb dressing (I like ranch, Peri Peri, Jamaican and even mayo). This way you can be totally out of guilt!

General Tips For Chosing Low Carb Fast Food

  •  Be careful with sauces and dressings! They can be full of sugar and it's where most of the carbs are sneakily hiding, ready to knock you out of Keto.
  • Chose broiled, roasted or grilled chicken over battered or breaded. If they don't have the option, you can peel off the skin to take off some of the carbs.
  • Pick a burger and ask for it to be wrapped in lettuce or take off the bun and eat it with a fork. This is one of the best options in most cases.
  • A lot of fast food chains offer salads with some low carb dressing on the side. This is another really good option.
  • Take a look at the nutritional value, I will link it for the 15 most popular foods chains bellow.

Best Low Carb Option For 15 Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants

15 Low Carb Fast Food Options

Fast Food Restaurants Nutritional Information

Arby's Nutritional Information

Burger King's Nutritional Information

Chick-Fil-A's Nutritional Information

Domino's Pizza Nutritional Information

Dunkin Donuts Nutritional Information

Jack In The Box Nutritional Information

KFC's Nutritional Information

McDonald's Nutritional Information

Panera Bread's Nutritional Information

Pizza Hut's Nutritional Information

Sonic's Nutritional Information

Starbuck's Nutritional Information

Subway's Nutritional Information

Taco Bell's Nutritional Information

Wendy's Nutritional Information


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Author: Myriam

Fitness passionate, civil engineer and now blogger. After losing 45 pounds in a year and maintaining for a few years, I decided to create my website to share my nutrition tips and workouts to help other people achieve their fitness goals and maintain it.

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  1. You forgot Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s low-carb options. Their best is the low-carb six dollar burger. They wrap it in lettuce and you can even add bacon and/or guacamole.

    For the burger minus bun, ketchup and tomatoes, it’s 610 calories and 7g of carbs. Lose the onions and it goes down to 600 calories and 5g of carbs. Add on bacon and guacomole and it is 670 calories and 7g of carbs. This all came directly from CarlsJr.com.

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    • Thanks for that advice about Carl Jr’s. I will try it also.

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  2. I am forever trying to find an Australian version of this list but to no avail 🙁 Someone needs to make one!

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  3. Helpful. Thank you!

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  4. Great list – but need to make a point of removing onions & ketchup from ALL fast food burgers -the ketchup is loaded with sugar and the onions add carbs as well. Get a small side salad and chop the burger up on top – instant meal!

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    • Yes Sue, a pack of ketchup countains 3g of carbohydrates. It is not that much but you can decide to take it out.

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  5. I can’t imagine what difference some onions would make on the burger since you’re supposed to get your carbs from veggies.

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  6. Wendy’s doesn’t have the BLT cobb salad listed on their site anymore.

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  7. In-n-Out Double Double protein style (no bun/wrapped in lettuce) ask for no sauce, I also decline ketchup and mustard. No Onions. This is really good… It is my go to if I am in a rush and have to eat fast food.

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  8. Burger King also has a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, but be warned: this is not remotely a Caesar salad. It has iceberg, not romain (so less fiber), it has sliced tomatoes (remove or extra carbs), it comes with a Caesar vinaigrette (which has 4 g carbs-much more than proper Caesar dressing). On the plus side, Croutons are on the side. Also, there’s no parm cheese. It’s a salad, and maybe not terribly high in carbs if you doctor it, but if you enjoy a Caesar salad, look elsewhere.

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    • I know that they do it at Five Guys also. I love theirs!

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    • Subway does offer any of their subs as a salad. They usually come with six inches of meat but if you want to add more it’s usually only a buck or two more.

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