Top 5 Best Workout DVDs Ever! By MDS

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Perfect for Those Who Want To Get In Shape At Home. At the beginning of my weight-loss journey, I was only working out at home mostly due to lack of time and the gym being far. Even though I'm now more in a gym mood, it really worked well for me, probably because girls don't need as much weight as guys to train efficiently. The big guys will probably tell you that workouts at home are worthless (at least that's what my boyfriend thinks...) but I can assure you that they do work!!! Here are the ones I had the most fun and the best results with :



1. P90x by Beachbodyp90x_ad

What is it :

P90X is not just a workout DVd, it's a total challenge! For 90 days you will follow a strict workout schedule and a meal plan.

You will first choose a version between classic (more muscular), lean (more cardio) and doubles (2 workouts a day). I personally chose the classic one.

Here's what the classic calendar looks like. The videos are between 1h and 1h30 each and are VERY intense. You will do plyometrics, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, kenpo, yoga and stretching.

What you need :

A  yoga mat, some dumbbells and a chin-up bar or resistance bands and a door anchor.

Conclusion : 

P90X claims that if you complete the 90 days program it will leave you in the best shape of your life and I can't  really disagree with that! It's on the top of my list because the results were amazing. It was the first workout I tried when I first decided to lose weight 3 years ago and I was ready for war!  I picked the classic version, as I like strength training better than cardio, did 60 days of it and I lost around 20 pounds with a good diet. My strength increased, my body was looking more toned and my energy level increased. But damn was I sore everyday.

Tony Horton knows what he is doing and he's pretty motivating, it was also fun to see tons of people's results on youtube.

So it's impossible not to see results, but you're going to workout like a beast!! 🙂 My favorite videos are legs and back and abs. You can see P90X inforcomercial here.

2. Physique 5741n8LAV4e-L

After seeing all the reviews on the net raving about how this workout changes your butt, I decided to give it a try!

What is it : 

It's an interval training workout based on their muscle overload theory which consists of targeting muscle groups and training them to the point of fatigue and to relief them by stretching. The goal is the to create a long and lean, supple body. This workout comes in 2 volumes of 3 dvds.

Volume 1 : 

-Classic full body workout (1h)

-Express full body workout (30min)

-Arm and ab booster (30 min)

Volume 2 :

-Classic full body workout 2nd edition (1h)

-Advanced express full body workout (30 min)

-Thigh and seat booster (30 min)

They suggest that you do the full body workout 2-3x/week, the booster once a week (alternate them every week if you do volumes 1 and 2) as well as the express workout once a week.

What you need : 

A chair or any other waist high surface you can lean against, a playground ball (comes with the purchase), a yoga mat and dumbbells (3-5lbs or 5-8lbs).

Conclusion :

I really enjoyed this workout, I mean it's original, it's fun and it makes your muscles burn! I can say it really makes a difference on your booty (they claim that you can see results after 8 workouts)! This is, without a doubt, my favorite butt enhancer home workout ever! 🙂 Make sure you grab a camera for before and after pictures if you're ready for the 30 day challenge.

 Take a look at Physique 57 introduction on Youtube.

3. Jillian Michaels - Ripped in 30jillian 2

What is it :

Well everybody knows Jillian from the biggest loser! And I must confess, I'm a fan of that show! Me and my friends all agree, this one's is the hardest and most complete Jillian video! You will follow Jillian's 3-2-1 interval technique which consists of alternating 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength training and 1 minute of abs. It comes with 4 workout videos having 4 different level of intensity, meaning that you will increase the intensity for each one of the 4 weeks of the program. I started with the easiest level, which is what she recommends. 

It also comes with a strict diet plan that you can download once you buy her dvd. Some of the recipes are great but I didn't follow the plan as I'm already doing paleo and not eating bread.

What you need :

Some dumbbells and a yoga mat.

Conclusion :

The movements are fun, diversified and they'll make you burn! I love how each of the 4 workouts features different movements. You can take your time to go to the next difficulty level as she says it could take you more than a week. I'd say level 1 and 2 are intermediate as level 3 is hard and level 4 is even harder for when you wanna push it to the max! The movements are complete as they'll make you work your strength, power and balance. She also combined movements together to make them even more effective (upper and lower body simultaneously for example). I found that Jillian was more authentic in this video, she really motivates me to go through it even though it's so hard I want to collapse. I mean... I have the confess that in some of her other videos, I just felt like throwing my protein shake at the T.V. at some point, but not in this one. So, if you're short on time and you want something intense that will get your ripped, stop reading and go buy it! You won't regret it. Click here to see Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 trailer.

4. Jackie Warner - 30 Day Fast Startjackie

What is it : 

Jackie's using a technique she calls pyramid training, which she uses with her celebrity clients to who she charges 400$ an hour! She claims that it will break through your plateau and get you ripped in 30 days. This DVD comes with two 25 minutes workouts (one for the upper body and one for the lower body). 

The pyramid method consists in combining two powerful exercises, you will start with one rep, then two, then three... Adding a rep at each set until you reach 10. This will overload the muscle and go passed fatigue which she claims is the easiest way to build lean muscles.

You could chose to do upper body and lower body workouts on alternate days, that's my favorite way since I always give a 48h rest to a muscle group after training it. You can also do both of them back to back.

What you need :

A few dumbbells, she recommends to start with 5-8 pounds but you can increase the weights as you get stronger and leaner.

Conclusion :

Oooh yes it worked! I really enjoy these, specially when I don't have time to go to the gym and I wan't a fast and effective workout. I couldn't believe how I felt the burn in my legs for almost 3 days even though I squat at the gym 2-3 times a week. The pyramid method makes it fun as the sets seems like they pass by fast. She motivating and has a great energy. And damn her body's amazing! I just love her 🙂

 Click here to have a peak at Jackie Warner - 30 Day Fast Start.

5. Tone It Up - Beach Babedvd-small

What is it : 

This one's the most fun one! It makes me dream each time, two hot chicks having fun, working out on the beach in Hawaii on my 50" TV. I just picture myself in my bikini and I want to give it all and get as ripped as Karina and Katrina! It features 7 effective workouts.

What you need : 

 Dumbbells and a yoga mat.

The workouts :

-Surfer girl (25 min) : picture yourself on your laying on your surfboard, popping up into a squat to catch the next wave! This is an effective workout for lifting your butt, tightening your legs, your core and your arms. I felt the burn days after! 

-Bikini Sculpt (40 min) : this is the longest one, it's a full body workout in which you will have arms, booty and abs circuits along with some fine toning. It is fun and you will feel the burn days after!

-HIIT The Beach (20 min) : This High Intensity Interval Training is perfect for the mornings when you're short on time. It will make you sweat and get you energized for the day.

-Bikini Booty (13 min) / Bikini Abs (16 min) : Two fun firming workouts, they're pretty easy though.

-Summer Arms (12 min) : get ready to feel your arms burn! The only thing missing is rear shoulders.

-Long & Lean : A relaxing stretching routine. It incorporates yoga moves like the downward dog. I don't stretch much usually unless I'm really sore but that's a good relief.

 Click here to see Tone It Up - Beach Babe DVD trailer.


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  1. What is the complete list of workout videos that you tried out? If these are the top 5, then the top 5 of how many others and which others??

    Just curious….

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    • Ouf! Well I tried a few over the years. But I’d say I did almost all the Jillian, Bob Harper and Jackie Warner ones. Tried insanity, Claudia Schiffer, Ballet Beautiful, some pilates, Turbo Fire, a lot of Zuzana, Cindy Crawford, brazilian butt lift and even Kim Kardashian Video! 🙂
      What would you ad to the list? I’m always opened to try new things!

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  2. I just came across this and am so excited to try some of these. Any specific one you would recommend for building a bigger butt?

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    • Check my workouts, I do a lot of butt building. Short reps, heavy. 🙂

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