Obesity Control and Prevention through Exercise

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Obesity Control and Prevention through Exercise

Scientific studies prove that in addition to adhering to a balanced diet, exercise is another effective way of controlling and preventing obesity. Physical activity can improve self-esteem; help to reduce health risks and some of the contributing factors of obesity like depression and anxiety.

Regardless of your body size, you can find a suitable exercise routine that can help you become active and improve your health.


Myths and Facts about Obesity

People allow excessive fat to build-up in their bodies and become despondent to lose weight because they succumb to untested beliefs. Birth control pills, medicines, drinking soda, ill-fate, slow metabolism and hormones are some of the common myths about the causes of obesity. The fact is people may gain weight due to medication, lack of sleep, too much alcohol intake, sweetened drinks, medical conditions, inherited genetics and bad habits, lifestyles or customs.

Obesity is not a deadly disease but it can lead to other deadly illnesses like hypertension, high blood pressure, breast cancer, womb cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart attack, infertility, depression, skin diseases, arthritis and many more serious health conditions. Obesity can be cured with a simple dedication to eat right and commitment to a physical activity.

Getting Started with Physical Activity

Some people may not lose weight even when they adhere to healthy diets and exercise regularly.  If this is your case, you should seek medical help. Another factor that may contribute to lack of progresseven after vigorous exercises is choosing a routine not suitable for your body.  For any exercise program to work, it must be able to burn adequate calories per activity. Hence it is advisable to hire exercise equipment to test it before you commit to it.

Losing weight through exercise is most recommendable and effective; but it takes time. The key is to start slowly; and, don’t be hard on yourself. If you never exercised before, start by committing yourself to ten minutes per day and increase the time gradually as your body gets used to the activity.

You must also set realistic goals.  When you are obese your goal should never be to look like a bony model. Your focus should be toward achieving a weight proportionate with your height than being lean. Remember obesity occurs when the body carries more than 20% of the ideal weight.  Keep track of changes in your body and moods. This will motivate and help you stay committed to your routine.

Physical activity is effective in managing obesity because it helps to maintain a healthy weight, provide natural energy and better sleep, control joint pain and swelling, enhance mood and self-esteem, and reduce depression, anxiety and stress.

Obesity control through exercise is hard work; for this reason, people make all sorts of excuses to avoid exercising. Exercise can be effective if you buy the right equipment that you can enjoy.

Before you buy any exercise machine, visit a gym to try different equipment or seek advice from professional trainers. If you are not comfortable exercising at a gym, hire exercise equipment. Read More related articles.


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