October Fitness Challenge : 31-Day Calendar

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Welcome to the “October Fitness Challenge” fit friends!

(The November Fitness Challenge is up!)

Once again, your fitness trainers Isabella from My Fit Station & myself have put together a kick-ass workout calendar that will get you in TOP shape this month! For the October Fitness Challenge, we included a variety of fun training styles and techniques (HIIT, circuit, Tabata, super-sets, weight-lifting, Kettlebell and more) to help you burn a maximum of fat FASTER, tone your entire body and avoid reaching a plateau. You will never get bored or do the same workout routine twice !

Are you ready to workout so hard you make your fat cry?

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I now created a brand new Fitness Forum so you guys can ask questions, share your journey, your fitness tips, diet tips, funny stories, FitSpiration... ANYTHING! Make it fun 🙂 Checkout the October Fit Challenge's Forum.

October Fitness Challenge Guidelines & Tips

October Fitness Challenge - 2013 Workout Calendar

  • Follow our “OctoberFIT” Workout Calendar, all workouts will be linked to their source every upcoming week, so make sure you bookmark this page!
  • Rest at least once a week, feel free to add 1-2 additional recovery days as needed (more isn’t necessary better, you want to focus on the quality of your workouts and pushing yourself during each session).
  • If you decide to workout 3-4 times a week, make sure to balance out your training program, you don’t want to end up doing 3 upper body workouts consecutively. As you know, diet is a huge part of the equation when it comes to getting in shape and seeing quick and lasting results, no matter how hard you train and push yourself, if you are not fueling your body properly according to your specific goals, you might get disappointed with your results.


Here are a few suggestions to get you on the right track:

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  • To get an idea of how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis depending on your unique goal (fat loss, maintenance, etc.), go ahead and calculate your daily caloric needs to get an estimate.
  • Feel free to dig in MDS repertory of recipes, they all contain the detailed nutritional value (calories, and grams of macro-nutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fat)
  • To help preserve muscle-mass, control your hunger and burn more fat, I suggest you take a look at the protein calculator and eat an adequate amount of protein.
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October Fitness Challenge Workout Calendar

(click on calendar to enlarge)

October Workout Calendar

Print The October Fitness Challenge (pdf)

October Fitness Challenge Workout Breakdown 

WEEK 1 **Workout Breakdown**

  • October 1st – Tuesday

Booty POW: Elliptical HIIT + Kiss my Booty Workout

  • October 2nd – Wednesday

Upper Body Melt-Down Workout

  • October 3rd – Thursday

Plankathon HIIT Workout

  • October 4th – Friday 

30-minute Kettlebell Workout - Total Body Toning

  • October 5th – Saturday


  • October 6th – Sunday

Squat Combo Challenge

  • October 7th – Monday

No More Arm Jiggle – 500 Reps Workout

WEEK 2 **Workout Breakdown**

  • October 8th – Tuesday

Victoria Secret Model Legs Workout

  • October 9th - Wednesday 

The Boob Booster Workout

  • October 10th - Thursday 

CoreBuster HIIT Workout

  • October 11th – Friday 

The Spartacus Workout

  • October 12th – Saturday


  • October 13th – Sunday

Feel the Burn & Do It Anyway HIIT Workout

  • October 14th – Monday 

Bikini Model Glutes Workout

WEEK 3 **Workout Breakdown**

  • October 15th – Tuesday

The Backless Dress Workout

  • October 16th - Wednesday 

Hiit Series : Mega Fat Shredder

  • October 17th - Thursday 

Booty Pump - Lower Body Glute Workout

  • October 18th – Friday 

Sexy Back Workout - Back And Biceps

  • October 19th – Saturday


  • October 20th – Sunday

Bikini Top Gym Workout (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps)

  • October 21st – Monday 

Tabata Lunge Shredder

WEEK 4 **Workout Breakdown** (Click To Open)

  • October 22nd – Tuesday

The Mythical Sculpted Arms Workout

  • October 23rd - Wednesday 

Good Morning Fat Burner HiiT

  • October 24th - Thursday 

Tushy Toning & Mega Calorie Blasting: Stair Climbing Workout !

  • October 25th – Friday 

Train Mean Get Lean – Full Body Gym Workout

  • October 26th – Saturday


  • October 27th – Sunday

The Best15 Minute Workout Series: Part 3 !

  • October 28th – Monday 

MEGA BodyBuilder HIIT: Full Body Workout !

WEEK 5 **Workout Breakdown** (Click To Open)

  • October 29th – Tuesday

Sexy As Hell Core Workout

  • October 30th - Wednesday 

The ltimate Butt Building Gym Workout

  • October 31st - Thursday 

Stretch & Tone - Full Body Workout


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