Top 10 Best Weight Loss Foods

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The 10 Weight Loss Foods

These 10 Foods are my favorite foods to shrink some belly fat ! Low carbs and high fibers. They will boost your Metabolism and cut cravings! They will also prevent muscle loss and boost your metabolism. These 10 foods are best for dieting because of their low glycemic index, high protein and high fibers. In order to lose weight you also need to pay attention to your calories.

If you don't know how to count your calories, you can read my article about how to count calories for maximum results.

These 10 diet foods can be Paleo dietKetogenic diet and Atkins diet friendly! As well as clean-eating foods. You will need to add more fat for the Atkins and the Keto diet.

Ready to speed your weight loss by including these healthy food in your diet? So here we go!


1. Egg whites

There's a reason why egg whites are the #1 choice of world class bodybuilders (male and female), they're the purest protein in the world!

Egg whites is a high quality protein most easily absorbed by the body (PDCAAS index of 1).

They contain no fat, no cholesterol and only 17 calories per egg white. They also contain very few carbs and will make you feel full for hours.


2. Chicken breast

To pack on pounds of muscles and shredding fat, lean meat is a staple in a healthy diet.

Chicken breasts are easy to prepare and can be prepared a lot of different ways.

Try steaming it with broccoli!



3. Salmon

Since most top bodybuilders shredding secret is Ketosis or carb cycling, they want to limit their amount of carbs and get their energy mostly from protein and healthy fat, salmon is a prime choice.

It provides a great amount of proteins and healthy fats, essential in a shredding diet!


4. Raspberries

Besides being delicious, raspberries are one of the best sources of fiber there is.

With 8 grams of fiber for 64 calories they are definitely a most in your diet!

Try these recipes : Bikini Booty Protein Shake or Fit Bikini Protein Pancakes


5. Avocados

Fat will NOT make you fat! In fact, your body needs fat to burn fat.

They’ll make you feel satisfied and stop your cravings. This is a good source of carbs too, with 3 grams of carbs for 2 grams of fibers; they bring your net carbs to 1 gram while providing you 3.5 grams of healthy fat per portion. Avocados will help lower your cholesterol, will load your body with vitamins and minerals, while helping you prevent cancer, blood pressure and provide you with a beautiful skin.

6. Spinach

Spinash is like the super salad! With 1 cup of spinash you’ll get about 40 cals, twice the amount of fiber and iron you can find in other greens, vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, K, folic acid, flavonoids, carotenes and magnesium!

For bodybuilders shredding before a competition, each gram of carb has to count, so spinach is a #1 choice.


7. Lean red meat

Lean/extra-lean ground beef and different cuts of red meat are excellent sources of lean protein rich in iron, zinc and B vitamins.

Try steamed meat balls with veggies on the side!




8. Water

Water should almost be the #1, if you think about it, 70% of your body is made of water! Water hydration level directly affects your metabolism, which is a priority when trying to lose weight! Your body’s ability to use fat as fuel is also restricted when your body is dehydrated.

A rule of thumb states that you should be drinking 1oz/pound of body mass per day. So if you weigh 120 pounds, you should be drinking 120 oz of water daily.


 9. Whey protein

whey protein optimum nutritionWhen on a diet, most will recommend 1.0-1.2g of protein per pound of body mass while some will even go to 1.4-1.5g/lb. which can be a lot to find in whole food source only. That is why a whey protein supplement taken after your workout can be an excellent addition to your diet.

Not only does it taste delicious, but it will provide you with a quality source of protein as long as you take a quality isolate kind of powder. Try these recipes : Bikini Booty Protein Shake or Fit Bikini Protein Pancakes

10. Slow-Burning Carbs

Even when doing a low carb diet, bodybuilders still need carbs to have enough energy to workout. They want to choose carbs with a low glycemic index to keep their insulin level as low as possible in order to tell their body to burn fat. That’s why they will opt for oatmeal and sweet potatoes.


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