Top 5 Tips For A Better Cardio Workout

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5 Ways to Make Your Cardio Workout More Efficient

Cardiovascular workouts are one of the most vital exercise routines that a person can do. You can never get your desired goal with just lifting weights and toning because cardio workouts are needed to boost up your metabolism to help you lose weight. Besides increasing your metabolism, it also gets your heart muscle pumping which is necessary to keeping it healthy. As your heart pumps, it brings more blood to various parts of the body which is essential for many minor and major bodily organs. With all this being said, if you are doing 30 to 45 minutes of your cardio workout at least 5 times a week and want to make it more efficient, here are the guidelines in doing so.

1.            Have a strategy

Having a plan to follow is always a great way to be more effective in following a cardio workout, a map that can give you a guide throughout the week. This plan could tell you when to increase your cardio workout and ways for you to get the most out of this exercise. Work with yourself and not against it. If you are not a morning person then do not force yourself to get in cardio in the early morning. Stick to a routine such as this P90X workout schedule.

2.            Choose a cardio workout that you actually enjoy

It is really a buzz kill to do something that you do not enjoy doing. That goes the same for working out. If you are currently doing a cardio exercise that you do not enjoy, then stop it and choose another way of getting in cardio exercises. If running on the treadmill bores you, then you can try out running outdoors to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery. You can also try out dance lessons, swimming and boxing for more intense cardio workouts.

3.            Create a variety of cardio routines

Make sure to change your routine so that you do not fall into the trap of having a dull and boring workout. Go for different activities to really challenge your physically and mentally. If you exercise outside, try bringing in the exercise.

4.            Warm up before every cardio workout

Before any type of workout, make sure that you warm up. From the very first day that you decide to workout, make sure that you get in some stretches so that your muscles get some blood flow and you do not strain or sprain a muscle. The worst thing to do is injury yourself to a point where it causes further damages to your body.

5.            Keep a log of your cardio exercise

Try recording your cardio exercises so that you can be inspired to continue on. Take note of your current weight, the days your work out, how many miles you run and how long it took you. This could give you more motivation to improve each run you have done previously.

Doing cardio workouts does not have to be a drag in your life. Try thinking positive about cardio exercises because the truth is, it has way more advantages than disadvantages. If you are just starting off, start slow and gradually increase how long you run, the number of times you do it in a week and your distance.


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