Use These 8 Tips to Get a Dream Body

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To find the right knowledge and methods for losing weight can be a real challenge. There are exercise programs and diets out here that are nothing but fads which don`t help you over the long term. These programs can actually harm you if you`re not careful. Here`s how you can safely lose the weight that you need to lose.


Watch the time that you eat your food. You want to eat less at dinner as this means you`ll want a larger breakfast. It`s actually better to eat most of your food in the morning and the afternoon and have a lighter dinner portion.

Make substitutions as you make the transition towards healthier eating. Look at your favorite recipes that are full of fat and then try to see where you could make these dishes healthier. Use an olive oil instead of butter or use fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream. Just change your favorite somewhat so you can still enjoy the healthier versions of those foods.

Don`t snack before you go to bed. If you are going to sleep at 10 make sure you don`t eat after 8 P.M. Try some water and some vegetables if you feel you need a snack. Make sure you try to avoid food late at night as your body will store it as fat because you are inactive.

Once you are halfway through your meal you want to stop for several minutes.

It`s hard to determine if you’re full or not at times. Make a pause each time you eat and see if you`re still hungry. Taking a break can keep you from overeating and consuming more food than you should.

Make a larger meal and then break this down into portions that you can eat throughout the week. You can freeze these meals and then just reheat them during the week when you`re rushed for time. This will ensure that you don`t go for the fast food options which can ruin your dieting efforts. Try to buy bulk food as you`ll save month this way and it cаn be healthier for you. Use this food up so it doesn`t spoil in your larger meal and portion it out for later.

If you are hungry try some ice water. Often we are just thirsty and nit hungry. Add more water to your diet as your body has to warm up the cold water when it enters your body and this requires calories to do so. Your body will burn small amounts of fat to warm the water. You should also stick to just water and have it replace all your sugary beverages that you consumed before.


Don`t wear lose clothing during the week as this will get your mind off of your weight. You want to wear tighter clothing as it will remind you of the fat and weight that you need to lose.

If you have a clear understanding of where you want to go with your weight loss you`ll be equipped to create a plan for that weight loss. The tips listed here are a good starting point towards your own weight loss goals.


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Author: Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a top London personal trainer and the face behind Slimmer, Fitter, Stronger. He holds a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and works hard to empower busy moms and working professionals alike to lose weight and transform their bodies.

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